Animal Rights

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  • Animal rights
    • Christians believe that humans are made in the image of God and are the most important part of creation as God gave them control over all living things
      • Genesis 1:28
    • Most Christians believe that animals do not have souls so cannot have the same relationship with God as humans and therefore their lives have less importance
      • Genesis 2:7
    • Most Christians do not see their role as 'rulers' but as stewards with a responsibilityto care and respect God's creation
      • Christians believe they should try to follow the example of a loving God, showing care and compassion
    • Although many Christians believe that animals do not have souls, they do not think it is acceptable to be cruel to animals
      • This would be a failure of their responsibility as  stewards and they would be showing a lack of respect for creation and, therefore, God
    • Christians recognise that humans can benefit from experiments on animals
      • Most believe it is acceptable to use animals for medical research if it is essential for the good of humans
      • However, they stress that unnecessary suffering must be avoided as causing pain to animals would not be compatible with living according to the teachings of Jesus




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