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The `Raindrop' Prelude and the Romantic
era…read more

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Frédéric Chopin
Born near Warsaw, Poland in 1810
He was a Polish composer and virtuoso performer
He spent most of his career in Paris, composing,
performing, and teaching
He wrote mainly for solo piano
His music reflects his love of Poland (his homeland)
through the use of Polish folk melodies
Some of his finest works were inspired by authoress,
Georges Sand, with whom he had a 9-year relationship
Towards the end of his life, he suffered poor health. To
improve his health, he moved to a derelict monastery in
Majorca, where he wrote the `Raindrop' prelude
He died at home in Paris in 1849.…read more

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The virtuoso performer
Is a person who is highly skilled and has great
Chopin wrote for solo piano, and this follows
the trend of composing for virtuoso performers
(as well as writing for himself)
However the `Raindrop' prelude is not an
example of a piece that was to be performed
by such a performer…read more

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The development of the piano
The development of the piano during the 19th
century gave composers greater opportunities
to express Romantic ideas in music.
The developments gave the piano a greater
range of both dynamics and pitch, and a fuller
It became the supreme solo instrument of the
Romantic era
A key development was the addition of the
sustaining and soft pedals.…read more

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The Romantic era
The focus shifted from structure (in the
Classical era) to conveying emotions through
Music was influenced by other art forms that
dealt with the expression of intense but
ordinary human emotions
The `Raindrop' prelude is an example of a
programmatic work (tells a story through
music)…read more

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Features of the Romantic style
Emphasis on expression of a wide range of
feelings and emotions
Melody lines became longer and far more
More freedom in the use of form and structure
Use of more chromatic chords (eg dominant 13th,
diminished 7th, neopolitan 6th, and augmented 6th
Harmony is often chromatic to portray strong
emotions such as grief and anguish, with
modulations to remote keys
Large range of dynamics (pppp-ffff)
Increases technical demand (related to rise of
virtuoso performer)…read more

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Samuel Richardson


This powerpoint presentation contains excellent information on the background of Chopin's 'Raindrop' prelude. It then has a good analysis of the music itself.



Great Resource & a great help Thanks XD

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