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Why China's economic growth is putting
water supply at risk
The Danjiangko has increased in height by 14m which will double to dam capacity to 29billion cubic
metres of water. As a result 380,000 residents will be displaced.

Factories upstream have been banned to prevent pollution of the reservoir. This…

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"They use less than 8% of this water, most of it flows out of the river and into the sea"-Chief
Engineer of the Water Transfer Project

Dr Wang Weilou, Environmental Expert- "the root cause of water shortages is that Beijing has
damaged its supply. So its transfer of water will…

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Impacts of Economic Growth
Many rivers have also become polluted. Major pollution incidents occur every day and in some cases,
rivers are so polluted that they are `no longer fit for human contact'. Contamination of groundwater
is also common.

Evidence of Pollution
80% of China's rivers no longer, support fish…


Mr A Gibson


An accurately executed case study of a water transfer scheme on a national scale. A really good example for you to learn and include in your list of case studies.

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