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November Exams…read more

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Definition of Childhood
· A state which is both socially and
biologically constructed.
· The period of time where a person has not
yet reached adult status- adolescence
· Children are fundamentally different kinds
of human beings- not fully developed
mentally, emotionally, socially and
physically.…read more

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Is childhood a social
· Different cultures interpret
childhood roles differently
· After WW2 extended schooling and
youth culture was created.
· Childhood is therefore seen by some
as a product of society and every
society has a different definition…read more

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Phillipe Aries
(The Big Cheese)
· Argued that childhood was a social
· Looked back over time to see how kids
were treated
· Based his work on historical documents e.g.
diaries, letters and paintings...this was his
METHODOLOGY. This allowed him to see
how children were depicted.…read more

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From his research he found-
· Children were "little adults" and did the
same activities as adults.
· Toys and games for children did not exist.
· Children were an economic asset
· Emotional investment was hard as the
death rate was so high.…read more

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Emergence of Modern
Day Childhood
· Separation of children from the world of
· 19th century Acts of Parliament banned
employment of children
· By the end of 19th century kids had to go
to primary school
· Legal separation between adult and child…read more

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