Sociology Revision - Childhood

Notes on Childhood for the Family Unit of AS AQA Sociology

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Sociology Revision ­ Childhood:
Philippe Aries:
o Childhood did not exist in medieval time, children were seen as
"mini adults"
o No transitional period classed as adults as soon as they wee
o Children were not loved or treasured, they were seen as
"economic assets"
o No toys or games until 1865
Patrica Kruppa:
o Children are object for abuse, cruelty and neglect
o The further back in history you go the lower the level of
o Until the 18th 80% of children would be classed as "battered
children", "spare the rod spoil the child"
o Parents expected to bury their children ­ therefore ­ made no
emotional attachment
o Childhood is not a universal experience; child labour, child
soldiers, sweat shops/prostitution, police abuse children in 3rd
world countries
Neil Postman:
o Childhood is disappearing:
Underage sex
Children working in a n adult natured job
Media exposure
Bullying, drinking, smoking


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