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Childhood ­ LT1
Western Notion of Childhood.
- Seperate time from adult hood. (happiness, innocence and no responsibility ­
child centredness)
- Seen as vunrable and need protecting.
- Laws to say what children can and cant do. (no paid work)
- Products made just for children. (toys, books, clothes)…

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Reasons for changes in the position of children during the 19th
(industrilisation) and 21st centuries.
Legal Changes

- Child labour laws ­ restricting & exclusing chilren from paid work = children
dependent on parents (economically).
- Compulsary schooling & the raising of the school leaving age ­ extended

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o International differences ;; children in the third world have:
Hhigh infant mortality rates,
Experience alot of poverty,
Some become child soliders and prostitues.

2. Inequalities between children

Liberationalists such as Firestone claim adults do not always use their power to
protect children but to dominate and control them (age…

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Palmer refers to "toxic childhood"

o Childrens physical, emotional and intellectional development is being
damaged because of::
- Junk food,
- Powerful media,
- Long working hours of parents,
- Over testing in schools.
o Toxic experience has resulted in::
Self harm,
Drug abuse,
Alcohol abuse,
Teenage pregnancies,…


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