Sociology - Childhood

The powepoint includes;

  • Key sociologist theorists such as Neil Postmas (1984) , Sue Palmer (2006) , Nick Lee (2001) , Iona Opie (1993) , Wendy Rogers (2001) , Phillipe Aries (1960)
  • The Conflict, march of progress, welfare and control view of childhood
  • Arguments for and against the idea of 'childhood being dead'
  • Perspective of the New right, marxits and feminst, functionalists and libertarians view on childhood
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Topic Childhood…read more

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Key theorists on Childhood…read more

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Marxist and feminists
· Marxists & feminists have a negative perspective
on childhood.
· They believe childhood is an artificial period
where dependency and forms of oppression
· They also argue that age patriarchy is present in
the differential distributions of power, work,
violence and rewards within the family.
· Have a strong view that children shouldn't be
protected from the realities of life involving both
deaths and wars.…read more

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· Have a positive view on childhood and don't believe
that childhood is changing.
· They argue that children are innocent and need
protection which is why they are banned from adult
places and taking part in adult activities.
· Say resources that are spent on children such as toys
are all specialised for their own needs.
· Argue that children have their own self contained
· Believe their is a complexity of society which requires a
long period of socialisation such as school, colleges and
if a child wishes to go onto university.…read more

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New right
· Have a negative view on childhood and believe
that the concept is dying out.
· The new right hate the fact childhood is changing.
· They argue that children are less sheltered due to
the impacts of the media, TV and the internet.
· Argue that children are undisciplined and lack
respect for adults and authorities such as their
parents and police.
· Believe that children are becoming parents at
such a young age when their just children
themselves.…read more

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· Have a positive view on childhood.
· Argue that children make a workable and
sustainable contribution to their families.
· Children are listened to in allegations of abuse and
have a right to be listened to such as when their
parents are contemplating on getting a divorce.
· Children's interests are and should be put first in
custody and adoption cases.
· Children share same TV, clothes and foods as
adults do.…read more

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