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Childhood Youth
Adulthood Age Old age
Socially Early
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· Childhood is the stage in which Primary socialisation
· This is when we are first introduced to the society of the
· It ahs changed a lot over the years
· A few years ago everything changed children had more
· It has changed a lot
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· It has dramatically changed
· They are more open to access of things that are meant
for adults on the internet
· Sexual relationships are occurring at younger ages
· Teenage pregnancies rates are higher
· Children are more protected e.g. Childs protection act
· Jobs are becoming available for children at a younger
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­ Adulthood stage is not considered as a
separate stage because sociology is about
adulthood in general
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Old age
· In different societies it is consider in
different ways
· In tribal societies it is considered very high
status. Because they are seen to have
more wisdom and because they have had
a longer life have had more life
· Were as in other societies it is consider as
a burden to the country.
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Early Childhood
· Occurred in the time period after industrialisation
· They were treated as young adults
· There wasn't a lot of primary socialisation because
children often became ill at a younger age
· As soon as they were able to walk they were shoved into
the world of work
· An example of a young death is Mozart he died at the
age of 35
· They had a lot of freedom
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