Charles I of Spain foreign policy 1526-56

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  • Charles I Foreign Policy 1516-56
    • HRE
      • Spread of Protestantism distracted Charles from Spain
      • Difficulty w/ German princes who wouldn't tolerate intervention from him
      • Gave empire to Ferdinand
      • Came to agreement (Treaty of Ausburg) each area decided their own religion
    • Aims
      • Seek peace at all times
      • Rule according to Christian morality
      • Extend the Hapsburg influence
      • Defend the Catholic Fath
    • Rivalry between France + Spain
      • Both Francis + Charles wanted control of Italian cities (Milan, Naples)
      • 1521 Fight for Milan
      • 1525 Charles' army defeat French outside Milan
      • 1527 Sack of Rome (Charles)
      • 1528 Support from Genoa due to French attack on Naples
        • Genoese fleet support Charles in Med.
        • Facilitated communication between Spain+ NAples
        • Could access loans from Genoese Bankers
      • 1529 Defeat French a Battle of Landiano
    • 1529-32 Ottomans
      • Attempt to take Vienna
      • 1532 Charles and Ferdinand (his brother) go to relieve Vienna of Turks
      • 1535 Capture of Tunis and La Goleta
      • 1547 Ottomans sign truce for Eastern Europe, no longer take Vienna
      • 1550- loss of Tripoli + other holdings


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