Characteristics of CDS & Their Roles in Language Acquisitions

Each slide of this Power Point provides you with a possible role of CDS and a list of CDS characteristics that operate under that role. Very useful for the exam, can be applied to any CDS analysis question. Leave a comment for further explanation on the topic. Good Luck ;)

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Characteristics of CDS & Their
Roles in Language
Acquisitions…read more

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Identifying Conversational Roles
· Child's name, exclamations, whispering, high
pitch, exaggerated intonation, prompt
questions, expansions, model dialogues…read more

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Mapping Ideas into Language
· Baby-talk words, simplified vocabulary,
simpler and shorter sentences, omission of
inflections and function words, avoiding
pronouns, expansions, repetition, framing,
model dialogues, corrections for truth.…read more

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Identifying Linguistic Units
· Model dialogues, corrections for truth, slower
speech, pauses, framing, repetition, short
sentences.…read more


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