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Characteristics of applications
AS ICT, OCR, chapter 3…read more

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School admin systems
Used to assist staff in the day to day running of a
school. 3 distinct features:
Database to hold records, must be able to:
· Store student personal details
· Unique identification number
Facility to record student marks
· Record subject marks
· Store historical data
· Prepare reports on students results…read more

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School admin systems
Attendance monitoring facility
· Record student attendance, absence and type of
· Summarise attendance
· Produce lists of outstanding absences
· Produced required averages for school documentation…read more

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Stock control systems
2 types of stock control system
· Shops: try and keep selves stocked but not over
· Manufacturing: need to know all the components
needed to make a product, linked to an ordering
system to see how much stock the need to meet
Components of stock control systems:
· List all stock items and suppliers
· List of all components required if a item is
manufactured…read more

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Stock control systems
· Know max and min stock levels
· Work out how much to order
· Know the delivery times for stock items that have
been ordered
· Link to order database
· Update stock records when deliveries are received
· Link with budgeting system
· Store previous sales figures
· Predict stock requirements based on previous sales…read more

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Booking systems
Many things are booked such as rail and cinema tickets,
doctors appointments and these can be booked 3
ways: phone, internet, person.
Booking systems allow user to:
· Select date and time
· Select an event
· Specify number
· Check availability of event for time, date and number
· Change options
· Confirm and pay (via email or booking number)…read more

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