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DNA contains the genetic code that dictates all of the characteristics of an
A gene is a sequence of bases on a DNA molecule that codes for a sequence
of amino acids in a polypeptide chain.
All of the genes in an individual are known as the genome.…

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The CF gene is on chromosome 7 and is made up of around 230,000 base
pairs and it instructs the cell to make the CFTR protein. The sequences of
bases in the DNA tells the cell which amino acids to link together to make the
Protein synthesis:
First stage…

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During transcription, every triplet code on DNA gives rise to a
complementary codon on mRNA.
A mutation in the sequence of bases in DNA could change a triplet that
makes up a gene.
Once in the cytoplasm, mRNA attaches to a ribosome where it causes
translation to take place.

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The first codon exposed on the ribosome is always the start codon
AUG which is the code for the amino acid methionine and the tRNA
molecules hydrogen bond to it.
The ribosome holds it all in place while a polypeptide bond forms
between the two amino acids.

Once the peptide…


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