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Cell Structure
AS Biology 2.1.1…read more

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· All living things
M movement
R respiration
S sensitivity
N nutrition
E excretion
R reproduction
G growth…read more

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5 Kingdoms- All Living Things
· Cells are the basic unit of all living cells
1. Animal e.g. human cheek cells
2. Plant e.g. onion cells
3. Fungi e.g. yeast cell (divide asexually, budding and shmooing)
4. Protoctist e.g. amoeba
5. Bacteria (divide asexually) e.g. E.coli…read more

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Cell that is not classified as living by all
· Does not include all 7 life processes (MRS NERG)- they do not
reproduce on their own
1. Virus e.g. Ebola…read more

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· Animal, plant, fungi and protoctist kingdoms are all membrane-
· This means they are eukaryotes, meaning `true nucleus'…read more

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· Bacteria have a loop of free DNA, they do not have a nucleus and are
not membrane-bound
· This means they are prokaryotes, meaning `before nucleus' i.e.
before the nucleus existed…read more

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