Basic cell structure

More or less an introduction to the cell structure, including some key words and basic information about the roles of some organelles within the cell.

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  • Cell Structure
    • Eukaryote
      • Animal cells
        • Lysozomes
        • Mitochondria
        • Endoplasmic Reticulum
      • Plant cells
        • Cellulose wall
        • Vacuole
        • Chloroplast
      • All have a Nucleus
    • Prokaryote
      • 'Before membrane'
      • No Nucleus
      • Free floating DNA
      • Some have Undulipodia
    • All cells have organelles, with diffferent purposes.
      • Chloroplasts convert energy from light into glucose
      • Mitochondria are in plant and animal cells, and are the main site of respiration
      • The Nucleus stores DNA and genetic information. Prokaryotes have no Nucleus
      • The cell wall in plant cells gives the cells structure and prevents them from bursting


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