Causes of Poverty

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Causes of Poverty
Geographical Location:
The countries, which are hot, are mostly likely to be poor
as people do not have access to clean drinking water
and cannot grow crops. Global warming means that dry
countries are becoming drier and wet countries are
becoming wetter. This problem is caused by MEDCs but
it affects the people living in hot, dry LEDCs the most.
Often governments in LEDCs are corrupt. This means that
top governments officials keep their country's wealth to
themselves instead of distributing it. Also, the world's
poorest countries are affected by civil wars.
Population Growth:
Most MEDCs have a stable population. In LEDCs, the lack
of contraception means that the population in increasing.
In LEDCs because babies die often die in infancy, parents
often have more children so that they have someone to
help the family.
Economic Reasons: Unfair trade: MEDCs do not
usually pay LEDCs a fair price for the products that they
produce. MEDCs often put a tax on the goods produced
by LEDCs, which makes it difficult for poorer countries to
compete with richer countries because their products
are more expensive. Debt: Rich countries lend large
amount of money to poorer countries and charge them
interest on the loans.


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