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Nike Impacts of Nike on country of origin TNCs in their origin or host countries
HQ: Beaverton, Oregon Balance of payments In country of origin In host country
They also have regional HQ for Europe, + Profit repatriation from items made Starbucks Coca-Cola
Middle east and Africa and sold abroad + 13,279 stores in the US ­ large + Employ 140,000 people world wide
+Payments for Nike items exported employment + Have health and safety legislation put
R&D: Outside Beaverton, Oregon from the USA + Become fair-trade in place in LEDC production factory's
1974 they opened r&d in New - Outwars investment in production + Supported same sex marriage + Part of the RED campaign ­ trying to
Hampshire ­ NH is renowned for its - Imports of Nike items made abroad + They now recycle napkins, coffee stop HIV passing mother to child
quality of textile students mean money goes to pay for them grounds and cups + Given $690 million in charitable aid
- Put smaller independent cafes out of + $500,000 grant to try and promote
Production: All products are Employment business healthy lifestyle (share your drink
OUTSOURCED, the list of factories + 60% greater average wage campaign)
making products is OVERLEAF + $84 million in state tax workers Walmart - They use 30x the amount of pesticides
Human rights deniability + indirectly and directly 16,580 + Generated 51% of the $258 billion in creating products than the EU permits
Protection against tax rates and full/part-time jobs grocery sales in the US
inflation - Large unemployment due to - Hires low skill workers Microsoft
Don't have to renew contract movement of production + Employ 97,000 people world wide
- 2009 -> 500 people lost jobs in HQ ->
1960s production in Japan recession
2000 production in Vietnam and
Cambodia Cultural and Social
Reduce production cost -> +Pay $5million a year to Oregon
increase profits charities


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