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storm surge

the north sea storm surge 1953

the resons for the build up of watre was 

  • a deep atlantic depression
  • rapid pressure drop
  • anticyclone to the west
  • a large fetch
  • spring high tides

sea defences were breached. low lying ground was flooded. over 250 people drowned and 1800 people died.

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weakened cliff

the collapse of holbeck hall scarborough 1993

  • the hall was built on a cliff.
  • the cliff was made manly from clay.
  • it was not in danger because was 70m from the edge.
  • in the summer of 1993 they had a very wet summer.
  • on 3 june cracks started to apper.
  • on june 4, the hotal started to slip down the cliff.
  • over the next 3 days it collaped.
  • the hotal owners sued the local authority for not looking after the cliff.
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erousive coastlines

barton-on-sea hampshire

  • the cliffs are made up of soft clay and water-bearing sand.
  • the cliffs are erouded 1m a year
  • the cliffs are vulnerable to land slides
  • the area is highly populated, so coastal defencese need to be put up
  • lots of denfences have been put in like,rock armour and cliff reventments.
  • the cliffs have had land slides in- 2001,2003,2007
  • some of the buildings are as close 3m to the edge.
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hard engineering

the isle of wight

  • the isle of wight has 4 things it can do- hold the line,do nothing, retreat the line, or advance the line
  • they ahve put in diffrent things in difrent places
  • at monk's bay there is rock groynes, breakwater and rock reventments
  • wheeler's bay has a sea wall and rock reventments
  • westen cliff has rock revetments and rock groynes
  • castle cove has land dranage and rock revetment
  • at castle haven there is rock revetments
  • east of fresh water have been trying to stabilises the cliff top
  • seagrove bay has got a sea wall, rock revetment and rock groynes
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soft engineering

the sefton coast, northwest england

  • the sefton coast is near liverpool
  • the dune erousion is at 5m a year.
  • the coast is home to omne of england last red squarral colonies.
  • the dunes have bee distroyed by glass conpaniese and the use of off road vechicles
  • the schemes they have come up with are
    • monitoring visitor access
    • banning off road vechicles
    • controlling the amount of sand taken.
    • maintaning the vegication.
    • recreating the natral dunes
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