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Rivers Involved
Series Of Events

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Took place start of Nov 2010-Jan 2011.
Primarily in the state of Queensland, including it's capital Brisbane.
Damage initially estimated at around A$1 billion.
Estimated reduction in Australia's GDP was around A$30 billion.
3/4 of the state of Queensland was declared a disaster zone.
Around A$30 billion of damage was…

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Flooding was widespread throughout Queensland from the end of November 2010-January
2011. Several different sets of rain caused many rivers to rise over a length of time.

Name Of River Basin Area Affected Dates
Fitzroy River Basin Theodore, Emerald, Rockhampton, 29th Dec-12th Jan
Port Of Gladstone

Burnett River Basin Gayndah,…

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Physical Causes

Australia had been coming out of an El Niño for some time, which means that many
parts of Australia had seen gradually increasing rainfall. The rainfall recorded in September
2010 made it Australia's wettest month overall in 110 years. Queensland already experi-
enced flooding in early 2009 (at…

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Human Causes

Urbanisation-there are a lot of big cities near these rivers, where there are big cities
there will be a lot of concrete on the ground. This prevents percolation into the ground
and increases runoff. Meaning more of the precipitation will be reaching rivers faster.
Brisbane is a major…

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Fitzroy River before
and during the floods.

maps Dec 2010
and Jan 2011.

River conditions

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