Case Study: Haiti Earthquake 2010

Case Study of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake for Geography GCSE

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Rosalyn Pearson 10R
1. When did the Haiti Earthquake happen?
The Haiti Earthquake occurred on the 12th January 2010 at 4.53 pm.
2. Where did it happen?
The Earthquake occurred in Haiti, an island in the Caribbean, only ten miles southwest
of the nation's capital: Port au Prince.
3. Why did it happen?
Haiti lies on two tectonic plates: The North and South American Plates (as shown by the
map above). These plates are moving towards each other causing conflict and tension.
On occasion a build up of pressure will cause the plates to jerk suddenly, and this is what
causes an earthquake such as the one on Haiti.
4. What happened?
The Earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0. The focus was unusually close to the surface of
the Earth which caused a more dynamic quake. The epicenter was in Haiti, ten miles
southwest of Port au Prince. The Earthquake tremors lasted between 3 and 5 seconds.
There were several major aftershocks that brought down more buildings and continued to
injure people.
5. What have been the effects of the Earthquake?
Many buildings have been destroyed, several having had historical value. More than
100,000 people are feared dead and a total of 3,000,000 have been badly affected. The
capital is completely devastated although the small villages nearby have suffered more
greatly. A huge area around the epicenter has been destroyed and many regions are

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Rosalyn Pearson 10R
totally dilapidated. People have lost relations and become homeless. Many have nowhere
to work and no possessions left. The injured are receiving insufficient care at the hospitals
and the majority of those at makeshift camps in places such as sports stadiums are
being given little or no food or water. Below are some destroyed buildings.
6. How are aid agencies helping Haiti?
Many MEDC countries are endeavoring to give aid to the residents of Haiti although little
support quickly arrived.…read more


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