Tectonic Hazard

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  • Tectonic Hazard
    • Plate Margins
      • Conservative
        • Plates move alongside each other either in different directions or at different speeds.
      • Destructive
        • Plates moving toward each other. One plate is sub ducted (forced under another plate)
      • Constructive
        • Plates moving away from eachother
    • Volcanoes
      • Composite
        • Steep sides, slower, sticky lava, violent eruptions
        • Found at destructive plate margins
        • Mount Rainer
      • Shield
        • Mauna Loa
        • Found at constructive margins
        • Gently sloping sides, runny lava
    • Earthquakes
      • HIC case study: Kobe, Japan, January 17th 1995
        • 6,434 people died, 40,000 seriously effected, 2 million homes without water and power for 10 days, $220 billion in damage costs
        • Responses: Many jobs were created in the construction industry as part of the regeneration of Kobe. Many were evacuated and were given rations.
      • LIC: Haiti Case Study, January 12th 2010
        • 230,000 people died, 3 million affected, 250,000 homes destroyed, rubble blocked vital roads and paths.
        • Responses: Many countries and aid agencies sent help, $330 million was sent from the EU, individuals tried to rescue people.
    • Hazard risks
      • LICS have less money and so there is a higher risk of death and damage
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