Case Studies for Edexcel B Unit Five Coastal Change

Case Studies for Coastal Change Edexcel B

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Costal Change and Conflict
The North Norfolk Coast
The cliffs on the North Norfolk coast are very soft and erode easily.
Humans use the area in a number of different ways and a number of different costal management
methods are used.
Cley has a population of 600 and is an area of farming, with saltwater and freshwater marshes. Cley
uses soft engineering and has a clay bund and shingle ridge.
Sheringham is a town of 7500. It has a large tourist industry and another big industry is fishing and the
steam railway is a big attraction. Sheringham uses heavy coastal defences, they use a sea wall,
groynes and riprap.
Cromer has a population of 8000, and is a major tourist destination as the pier is a major attraction.
They use heavy engineering and have a sea wall, rip rap and groynes.
Many properties are threatened by erosion. At present cost benefit analysis indicates that spending
large sums of money on sea defences is worthwhile.
Annual maintenance budget costs about £280,000 and between 1995 and 2000 Sheringham spent
£5.25 million on defences.
Defra can pay up to 75% of costs for sea defences; however in Norfolk they are only paying 55%.
The local district councils pay the rest but receive a supplementary credit agreement loan.
As they pay the majority, Defra decides where the defences go. They use Shoreline Management
plans to co-ordinate costal management along a coastline.


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