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Core 2 Maths
1. Indices

am x an = am+n
am / an = am-n
(am)n = amn
a-n = 1/an
a0 = 1
a1/n = n a
am/n = n am

2. Further differentiation

If y=xn then dy/dx = nxn-1
If y=cxn then dy/dx = cnxn-1
If y=f(x)+g then…

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6. Solving trigonometrical equations

To solve sin bx=k substitute u for bx to simplify, find interval of u, solve sin u=k, substitute back in
cos2 + sin2 =1
tan =sin /cos

7. Factorials and binomial expansions

n!= n x (n-1) x (n-2) ... x 2 x 1
n!= n x…

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S =a/(1-r)


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