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Business Studies Steve Emma Rudd BMA

Business Studies ­ Objectives and Strategies Business Strategy Notes

Objective and Strategies
A strategy is a longterm plan showing how a firm will achieve its objectives. So the
objective is the desired destination and the strategy is the means of getting there.
For example…

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Business Studies Steve Emma Rudd BMA

Distribution networks ­ a widespread and effective network can make it
easier to get products to the market.
Employees ­ a firm may have welltrained employees who are more productive
than their colleagues in competing firms.

Common Weaknesses
For many businesses their strengths are…

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Business Studies Steve Emma Rudd BMA

the present situation of a firm and the future possibilities with in its markets. It is
up to management to interpret this information correctly and decide exactly what
the firm has to do. Even if the right plan is chosen, it still has to…


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