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Emma Rudd BMA

Objectives and Strategy ­ Business Objectives
Mission Statements
A mission statement sets out what a firm is trying to achieve i.e. the reason why it exists.
For example, a firm may set out `to be the lowest cost producer in the industry' or to
`maximise the returns…

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Emma Rudd BMA

things if you upset others as a result. In some firms new ideas are welcomed; the
managers encourage you to try things out even if you fail occasionally. In other
organisations you are expected to do what you are told and no more; if you start to…

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Emma Rudd BMA

Culture change will also require some form of education or training programme to explain
to people why it is being done and what the benefits are. People may also need reassuring
that they will be able to adjust to the new approach and that they will be…


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