British Prime ministers 1780-1886

A list of prime ministers with their party

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British Prime Ministers
Lord North: 1770-1782 TORY
The Marquess of Rockingham: March 1782 ­ July 1782 WHIG
The Earl of Shelbourne: 1782-1783 WHIG
The Duke of Portland: April 1783-December 1783 WHIG
William Pitt the Younger: 1783-1801 TORY
Henry Addington: 1801-1804 TORY
William Pitt the Younger (2nd Term): 1804-1806 TORY
The Lord Grenville: 1806-1807 WHIG
The Duke of Portland (2nd term): 1807-1809 TORY
Spencer Percival: 1809-1812 TORY
Lord Liverpool: 1812-1827 TORY
George Canning: April 1827-August 1827 TORY
The Viscount Goderich: 1827-1828 TORY
The Duke of Wellington: 1828-1830 TORY
The Earl Grey: 1830-1834 WHIG
The Viscount Melbourne: July 1834-November 1834 WHIG
The Duke of Wellington (2nd term): November 1834­December 1834 TORY
Sir Robert Peel: 1834-1835 CONSERVATIVE
The Viscount Melbourne (2nd term): 1835-1841 WHIG
Sir Robert Peel (2nd term): 1841-1846 CONSERVATIVE
The Lord John Russell: 1846-1852 WHIG

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The Earl of Derby: February 1852-December 1852 CONSERVATIVE
The Earl of Aberdeen: 1852-1855 PEELITE/WHIG
The Viscount Palmerston: 1855-1858 WHIG
The Earl of Derby (2nd term): 1858-1859 CONSERVATIVE
The Viscount Palmerston (2nd term): 1859-1865 LIBERAL
The Earl Russell (previously Lord John Russell) (2nd term): 1865-1866 LIBERAL
The Earl of Derby (3rd term): 1866-1868 CONSERVATIVE
Benjamin Disraeli: February 1868-December 1886 CONSERVATIVE
William Ewart Gladstone: 1868-1874 LIBERAL
Benjamin Disraeli (2nd term): 1874-1880 CONSERVATIVE
William Ewart Gladstone (2nd term): 1880-1885 LIBERAL
The Marquess of Salisbury: 1885-1886 CONSERVATIVE
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