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Relationships -
Breakdown (dissolution) of relationships:
DUCK'S four stage model -
DUCK'S four stage model was proposed in 1984. It includes:

Intra-Psychic phase - where one partner perceives dissatisfaction in the
Dyadic phase - when dissatisfaction is discussed. Opportunity to resolve.
Social phase - when breakup is made public.…

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Akert (1992) reported that the person who instigated the breakup of the
relationship will suffer less negative consequences than the non-instigator,
suggesting individual differences that the model does not explain.

There are cultural differences in relationship dissolution which the
model does not explain. Many non-western cultures have arranged

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length and exhaustive fashion felt attracted to their former partner after
termination and experienced greater feelings of loss and loneliness.
Argyle and Henderson (1984) asked participants to consider whether rule
violations were to blame for personal relationship dissolution and, if so,
which ones. Rule violations were found to be important…


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