Ducks phase model of relationship breakdown

What does it describe
The different phrases that an individual goes through during the breakup/dissolution of romantic relationships.
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What are the 5 stages
Brekadown, intrapyschic phase, dyadic, the social phase, the grave dressing face
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Describe breakdown
One of partners becomes distressed with the way relationship is conducted. dissatisfaction occurs. Starts to fall apart
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What is the intrapyschic phase
Its the stage where individuals are wondering if they will be better in/out of relationship- brooding phase occurs. May feel underbenfitted, some will end it with no discussion. Some will express feelings in other ways, not tell their partner.
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What is the dyadic phase
the make or break stage, individuals will confront their partners and start to discuss their feelings- air their concerns and chat about the COST of ending it, like resrruces and assets attached and even things like kids bonding them together. Therapy can
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What is the social phase
their dissatisfaction spills overboard and relationship breakdown now becomes public- critical moment. Freinds and family get involved, may increase speed to dissolution.
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what does the social phase mak it harder to do
Deny the problems the relationship is facing, harder for them to reconcoil
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What is the final stage
The grave dressing phase- both partners attempt to justify their actions to present themselves as trsutwrothy and loyal so they can attract new partners in the future- have to leave relationship with their social credit
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Whats a strength of Steven Ducks relationship breakdown model
real world application to successful relationships- heavily emphasises the importance of communication in relationships- paying attention and listening to a partners beliefs and feelings.
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What does communication allow for
insight on how a partner is feeling, and allow for appropiate interventions from family and freinds, Allows for the relationship to be fixed sometimes.
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Whats a weakness
Ethical issues in stage of breakdown research. Raises issues of vulnerability- ppl may experience distress when revisiting thoughts abt previous relationship. issues of privacy and condifenatkty is an issue of those who were in an abusive relationship.psy
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Whats another weakness
Duck failed to reflect the possibility
of relational growth following
breakdown. By introducing a new
model with a final phase of
‘resurrection processes Duck
stressed that, for many people, this
is an opportunity to move beyond
the distress associated wi
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What are the 5 stages


Brekadown, intrapyschic phase, dyadic, the social phase, the grave dressing face

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Describe breakdown


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What is the intrapyschic phase


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