2 factors which contribute to relationship breakdown:

  • Lack of skills (communication and interpersonal skills, emotional stability, insensitivity)
  • Lack of stimulation (boredom, belief relationship is going nowhere, not seeing eachother

Duck and Rollie's relationship dissolution stage model:

  • 1. Breakdown: at least 1 partner is dissatisfied with the relationship however they dont voice this.
  • 2. Intra-psychic phase: depression and resentment from dissatisfied partner. Social withdrawal, focus on partner's faults, sense of being underbenefitted.
  • 3. Dyadic phase: couple talk to one another, reconcilliation occurs when partner accepts dissatisfaction of other, problem solving= potential for relationship to be saved Scape goating= relationship breakdown- making excuses/blame eachother.
  • 4. Social phase:  Relationship problems aired to friends and family, alliances are created, young


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