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The Second Boer War
Causes and overview…read more

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The Second Boer War
Fought between the British Empire and the
Boer Republic of South Africa.
The British controlled parts of southern Africa
while the Boers who were descendants of
Dutch settlers to the region and usually
farmers , controlled the Orange Free State and
Transvaal.…read more

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Causes of the War-Strategic
The British were keen to expand their their
empire in Southern Africa as this region was of
key strategic importance to them as a route to
India and other parts of the British Empire.
They did not want to see the Boers join their
territories to German possessions nearby.…read more

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South Africa…read more

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Causes of the War - Gold
Boer regions became more attractive to British
miners and speculators such as Cecil Rhodes
when gold was discovered there in 1886. The
discovery of gold also worried the British as
they felt that with this new wealth Boer areas
would become too powerful.…read more

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Causes of the war -Uitlanders
The British were annoyed that the so-called
Uitlanders, the mainly British foreigners living
in the Boer lands, were denied the vote in
Transvaal and the Orange Free State.…read more

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