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Boer War Events
A summary of the events and
battles of the Second Boer War
1899-1902.…read more

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REASONS FOR WAR!…read more

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Boer Ultimatum
12th October 1899 ­
· Ultimatum to Britain from the Boer Republics:
­ Withdraw British troops from Boer boarders
­ Redirect the 50,000 British Reinforcements on the
seas away from South Africa.

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Gold & Uitlander Problem
· Diamonds discovered at Kimberly ­ Cecil Rhodes becomes a
· Vast gold deposits discovered in the Transvaal.
· Large numbers of foreign workers (Uitlanders) move to
Johannesburg for the high wages but are displeased with the
high taxes and no political rights.
· The murder of Tom Edgar, a Brit, by a Transvaal Policeman
causes a petition to the Queen and Milner increases his
pressures on Krugar `seeking reform and civil rights'.…read more

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Boer Offensives
October 1899 ­
· The war began with three Boer offensives:
­ A siege of Mafeking against Baden-Powell's forces
lasts until May 1900.
­ In Kimberley, British forces & Cecil Rhodes were cut
off by Boers lead by General Cronje.
­ In Natal, Sir George White suffers reverses and
ends up cut off in the town of Ladysmith.…read more

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Buller's Arrival
December 1899 ­
· Buller's forces arrive in the Cape.
· Buller divides his forces into three :
­ Buller, attempt to relieve Ladysmith.
­ Lord Methuen, aim to relieve Western Railway
and Kimberley.
­ Gatacre, aim to safeguard the North of Cape
Province and two railways.…read more

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A concise and accurate presentation on the course of the Boer War. Useful for the basics.

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