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Annum Hussain

Internal ­ Inside body temperature

External ­ Outside body temperature

Multicellular ­ Body made out more than one cell

Unicellular ­ Body made from one cell

Saprophytic ally ­ Digest food outside body

Autotrophically ­ Make own food example plants

Vertebrates ­ Living thing with backbone

Invertebrate ­…

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Annum Hussain

Phenotype ­ The characteristics that are produced this includes what the individual looks like

Dominant allele ­ This shows when at least one copy is present in the genotype. A dominant allele is
dominant because you see its effects on the characteristics even if you have one copy…

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Annum Hussain

Heterozygous ­ Is a person has different alleles of the same gene

Reflex arc- The simplest neurone pathway from a receptor cell to an effecter organ

Angina - Chest pain due to a heart condition

Reflex action - When the safety of an organism demands a very quick…

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Annum Hussain

Carcinogens- Cause cancers

Carbon Monoxide- A gas in tobacco smoke that can get into the blood from the lungs

Liver cirrhosis ­ Liver damage

Ethical decisions- These are decisions about what you think is right or wrong

Narcotics ­ Are drugs that make us feel sleepy

Painkillers- block…

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Annum Hussain

Carnivore- Secondary consumer

Pyramid of biomass- A diagram that shows the amount of biomass at each trophic level of a food chain

Parasite- Feeds on another organism while they living together

Muralists- When two organisms live closely together in a way that helps them both

Oxpeckers ­ African…

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Annum Hussain

Transpiration - The process by which water evaporates from the leaf through the stomata, creating a pull
causing water to rise up the plant in the transpiration stream.

Ureters - Transports urine from the kidney to the bladder.

Urethra- Transports urine out of the body.

Thorax- This is…

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Annum Hussain

Iris -A colored set of muscles at the front of the eye which controls the size of the pupil and hence the
amount of light entering the eye.

Lactic acid Chemical produced in muscles which have been respiring anaerobic ally.

Lichen An organism formed from the symbiotic relationship…


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