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Biblical Views…read more

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Where do Christians get their
guidance on War from?
· Bible
· Christian teaching ­ Just War Theory
· Leaders ­ Pope, priests etc.
· Conscience…read more

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Biblical Teachings on War
Old Testament
In support? Against?
New Testament
In support? Against?…read more

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Old Testament
· Exodus 15:3"The Lord is a warrior"(OT)
· God described as warrior ­ God fights, God is good and
holy therefore war can be good and holy.
· Joel 3:9 Prepare for war...let all the men of war draw near.
· God commands us to go to war at times, we should be
prepared to fight. Times when war is right. Doesn't mean
war is always right.
· Judges 7:9-21"Gideon, get up and attack the camp." (OT)
· God commands Gideon to attack ­ clearly He approves of
war sometimes and may be fighting with you. God wants
us to fight in certain circumstances.…read more

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Old Testament Cont.
· Ecclesiastes 9:18"Wisdom is better than weapons
of war" (OT)
· War never ideal ­ better methods to use. Wisdom
always does more good.
· Micah 4:1-4...nation shall not lift up a sword
against nation. (OT)
· The future aim is eternal peace. God's will that
people should live in peace. War is clearly wrong.…read more

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New Testament
· Matthew 5:38-48"Love your enemies and pray for those
who persecute you." (NT)
· Jesus commands us to love even our enemies ­ you cannot
show love and go to war. Unconditional love demands
peace for all. Cf Agape
· Romans 12:17-21"If possible, so far as it depends on you,
live peaceably with all" (NT)
· Peace is to be strived for ­ always the better way etc.
· Matthew 5:9"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall
be called sons of God" (NT)
· Promotes peace, God wants you to be peaceful, God
rewards the peaceful and those that strive for peace.…read more

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