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B604 Islam
{Peace, Justice, and War…read more

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Everyone was created by Allah, and everyone is equal
"Oh His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the
diversity of your tongues"
There is no reason to treat people differently according to race. The
Prophet Muhammad made this clear in his last sermon.
"All mankind is descended from Adam and Eve, an Arab in not better
than a non Arab, and a non Arab is not better than an Arab."
The Prophet chose Bilal, a former African slave to his first muezzin
One of the 5 pillars of Islam, Hajj is compulsory for everyone regardless
of status, colour, or nationality. Everyone treats each other as brother &
Malcolm X spent 12 years calling himself a Muslim, until he realised his
racist views were not compatible with the religion
Racism in Islam...…read more

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Farid Esack is a Muslim man who challenged racism
and inequality in South Africa at the time of the
Apartheid political system. He continues to work
with people of all religions to find a way of
resolving conflict and misunderstandings.
The first human being, Prophet Adam was created
from soil in various places on the earth, so his
ancestors have diverse characteristic's and attributes;
but are all equal.…read more

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Also when Muslims perform the pilgrimage, and Umrah; they
are all obliged to wear simple white clothes to equate the rich
and the poor, all worshipping one lord.
It is required that every Muslim who is able must give 2.5% of
his income to charity. This is another pillar of Islam called
Zakat. It is an act of purification through sharing what one has
with others.
A generous person can pay more than this amount, though it is
treated and rewarded as voluntary charity (Sadaqah). This
amount of money is provided to bridge the gap between the rich
and the poor, and can be used in many useful projects for the
welfare of the community.
Equality...…read more

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Men and women are equal in the sight of Allah
They are both individually accountable for their actions and will be judged
equally by Allah.
Although they are equal, they have different purposes; e.g the man is
responsible for providing for the financial needs of the family, whilst the
woman is responsible for looking after the home and family.
It is part of Allah's design for men and woman to have distinct physical
"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women"
"They should draw their head veils over their bosoms" Women in Islam are
instructed to wear hijab to protect modesty, and honour. They preserve their
beauty for just their husbands.
It is clear that women played a massive role in the life of the Prophet
Muhammad, and participate in the war alongside the Prophet. They healed the
wounded, devised strategies, and some were even warriors.
Women have the right to decide who they marry, divorce, study, own property,
conduct business, or take part in politics.
Gender...…read more

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The Prophet Muhammad stressed the importance of
women, "Paradise lies at the feet of your mother"…read more

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