Auden & Browning Poetry

I've just done this for my revision notes if it helps anyone! There might be a couple of spelling mistakes and things because I just did it don't hate haha

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Poem Story Form Structure Characters Location Voices Message
Jame About a quiet, odd boy Ballad · Regular stanzas (shows James Honeyman "In the hot nights of 3rd Person narrative- · Friends and
s who grows up · Simple moral plan) · Weird summer, when the roses all shows an overview family are
Hone dedicating his life to tale with · Poor rhythm and rhyme · Awkward were red... more
yman science and neglecting dark (jokey style · Lonely (PASSIONATE/LOVING) Last 5 stanzas important
his wife and child as he themes "but you must die, and you know · Quiet Red: Foreshadows danger · Voices swapped than work
innocently creates a · IRONIC why" · Odd ...working in his little shed around · With great
poisonous gas which -sweet · Chronological order "James Honeyman was a (NO EMOTION) · Shows consequences power it
ends up killing lots of -achievement "James Honeyman was a silent silent child" on family etc comes with
people in the war "Honeyman" child..but you must die..." great
Miss About an elderly lady Ballad · Chronological order (Shows Miss Gee "She lived in Clevedon 3rd person narrative Portrays how the
Gee who is diagnosed with "Let me tell you progression of life to then · Lonely Terrace at Number 83" Conversation feel body is simply a
cancer after living a a story..." death) · Simple · Quite crowded · Light-hearted tool and has no
normal, lonely life. "She lived in Clevedone · Isolated (though she has no · Chatty meaning.
Suddenly she dies and terrace...she's a goner I fear" "She'd a velvet other friends) GOES AGAINST SAD STORY
her body is then given hat..dark grey serge · Houses all look the "Yes, the hung up Miss
to university students costume" same (treated just as Gee"
for education purposes "She did a lot of another person- no
knitting" value)
AFTER DEATH= treated · Symbolises Invisibility
like an object (no
"She's a goner"
"he cut Miss Gee in
O Two unnamed people Ballad Regular Rhyme Scheme Soldiers aren't named "O what is that light I see Voice 1 Trust can easily
What discuss the movement · Shows calculation UNIVERSAL flashing so bright?" · Questioning be broken (in a
Is of a group of soldiers · Creates marching rhythm APPLICATION Metaphorical "O what is that sound...?" crisis)
That wondering where they "drumming drumming...the (could be anyone) · death/heaven? Voice 2 "But I must be
Soun are going. Eventually, it soldiers coming" "O Why have they left?" · Bright and positive · Reassuring/Patronisi leaving"
d becomes clear that the Chronological Structure imagery ng?
soldiers are heading to "Down in the valley" "Only the scarlet soldiers,
the place where two · High up- builds tension as it "O it must be a farmer..." dear?"
people are, and they moves down faster (to Farmyard setting Voice 3
are about to break ending) · One continuous place · Narrative- Describing
down the door. The "The soldiers coming..."
second speaker, by this
time, has made his
Victor Auden describes a boy Ballad Linear chronological order Victor Nature 3rd person narrative
bought up in a very "December...April..August...Sept · Awkward "sunset...mountains...fores · Gives views on all
religious environment ember" · Religious t...meadows...river" characters- realiable
growing up as he · Reference to months · Boring · Places from heaven narrator
marries a women who · Cold -> warm "Victor's as dull as a wet downloads "Victor was a little
doesn't really love him · Sad -> Happy life afternoon" · Shows loss of hope baby..."
and so he decides to Alternate regular rhyming
murder her pattern

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As Auden is sitting in a Monologue Stanzas have different points Auden mentions... Urban Civilisation Auden (PERSONA) History is
Septe bar in New York, WW12 · Own (don't link) "What mad Nikinsky · Can easily be · His opinions on war repeating itself
mber is declared. He's opinions Non chronological order wrote, About Diaghilexi" destroyed by war · Biased (sinister and
1939 thinking about how · Speaking for "From Luther until now...…read more

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Musé The narrator of the Similar to a Break in line (enjambment) "while someone else is "Where the dogs go on Auden (PERSONA) All personal
e des poem is Auden sonnet · Moves form general to eating" with their doggy life" suffering is
Beau (persona) ass he (argument first specific · Impersonal- · Not interested in other subjective and
x arts juxtaposes ordinary half, resolved "and the torturer's horse// other people things has little impact
events with second half) scratches its innocent...…read more

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Doesn't fit in with
her nature
"my jewels, gorge gold
to your fill"
My Set in 1564, the poem is Dramatic Direct address at the beginning Duke · 1564 1st person narrative Power and
Last set in the unusual place Monologue and end · Materialistic · Unusual place of in · Confident wealth can bring
Duch of in front of a painting "If she were "Will't please you arrive" · Money front of his dead wife · Arrogant corruption if
ess of his dead wife…read more



Wow! This is amazing! So helpful! :)


A well laid out revision table that makes the points clearly and separates findings under relevant headings. Could easily be added to and used as a visual revision aid on your bedroom wall!


Im sure this will be very useful! 

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