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Poem Story Form Structure Characters Location Voices Message
Jame About a quiet, odd boy Ballad · Regular stanzas (shows James Honeyman "In the hot nights of 3rd Person narrative- · Friends and
s who grows up · Simple moral plan) · Weird summer, when the roses all shows an overview…

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1st As Auden is sitting in a Monologue Stanzas have different points Auden mentions... Urban Civilisation Auden (PERSONA) History is
Septe bar in New York, WW12 · Own (don't link) "What mad Nikinsky · Can easily be · His opinions on war repeating itself
mber is declared. He's opinions Non…

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Musé The narrator of the Similar to a Break in line (enjambment) "while someone else is "Where the dogs go on Auden (PERSONA) All personal
e des poem is Auden sonnet · Moves form general to eating" with their doggy life" suffering is
Beau (persona) ass he (argument first specific…

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· Doesn't fit in with
her nature
"my jewels, gorge gold
to your fill"
My Set in 1564, the poem is Dramatic Direct address at the beginning Duke · 1564 1st person narrative Power and
Last set in the unusual place Monologue and end · Materialistic · Unusual place of…




Wow! This is amazing! So helpful! :)



A well laid out revision table that makes the points clearly and separates findings under relevant headings. Could easily be added to and used as a visual revision aid on your bedroom wall!



Im sure this will be very useful! 

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