Revision notes on attitudes for the Psychology module of A2 Physical Education.

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"Attitudes involve what we think about, feel about and how we intend to behave
towards an attitude object."
What can we have an attitude about?
Concepts/ Beliefs
How are our attitudes formed?
Experience Through previous experiences
Others Through inherited attitudes
3 Parts of Attitude
Cognitive ­ Thinking
Affecting ­ Feeling
Behavioural ­ Behaviour towards an attitude
How can we change a negative attitude into a positive attitude?
We change a negative attitude by changing one of the three parts of attitude. This is
call Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Persuasive Communication Theory
The Persuader Someone significant eg. Qualified instructor
The Message ­ Presented in a way that they do not want to change and has to be
acceptable to youngster
The Recipient ­ Has to be open to change (Can't be NO NO NO)
The Situation ­ If others are there as well and are also reinforcing or persuading. this
will help


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