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Sociology ­ Families and Households
GCSE Revision pack

Types of family unit (refer to pages 116117)
Household Groups of people or a person who live together in the same house
and share at least a meal a day and certain facilities
Nuclear Made up of parents and their children…

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New Right approach
This view gained popularity during the 1980's and 1990's,
after the election of M. Thatcher's Conservative Gov.
They view the nuclear family as ideal. Children brought up
by two parents, they argue, perform better educationally,
physically, emotionally and socially. They do not look at the
dark side…

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1 Boys and Give examples... when children are young girls see their
mothers doing house work and think that this is a woman's rle and boys see
girls learn their fathers doing labouring work and find this to be the man's role
gender roles. (norm)

2 The work Childcarewomen are…

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Relationships were warmer between Found little evidence in symmetry even
spouses in families where women did paid work
do more household work.

How do we explain the move to symmetry?
Feminism Feminism has increased and has chaned the women's attitudes
and rejects the typical housewife view
Effective Contraception has led…

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poverty and workingclass. Children were seen as economic

20th century In the 20th century children were seen to be more important and
there were more laws introduced for them. Children were also
given much more importance. Such as minimum school learning
age became 16 and were allowed parttime paid…

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Average cohabitation last 32 months, then tends to end in either separation or

Increase in live births outside marriage (1971 only 8% of births outside
marriage, by 1994 more than a third were).
UK has highest level of teenage pregency in Western Europe.

Divorce is the legal termination of…

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The decline of the Nuclear family.
Many New Right theorists argue that the nuclear family is in
decline. (pages 139142)
Loneparents Couples separate or divorce or one partner may die. Lone
parent families are usually headed by females. More
loneparents as it is now seen acceptable for single women.

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1 Most people get married and have children

2 Marriage rates remain high

3 High divorce rates indicate people having high expectations of marriage

4 Remarriage rates are high

5 The family system as a whole is tough

Medical advances and parenting. (page 145146)
1 Contraception this allows women to…




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