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This is a revision pack for GCSE Sociology about Family. The exam board for this is AQA.

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Sociology ­ Families and Households
GCSE Revision pack
Types of family unit (refer to pages 116117)
Household Groups of people or a person who live together in the same house
and share at least a meal a day and certain facilities
Nuclear Made up of parents and their children ­ considered ideal by
Extended More than two generations in a household extended vertically or
horizontally ­ uncles aunts or grandparents
Lonepare When one parents brings up the child/ren
Reconstitu Two step families living together bothe parents may not be the
biological mother/ father
Functionalist view of the family (pages 118119)
It was popular during the 1940's and 1950's. It takes a very
positive view of the role of the family. The nuclear family is
the ideal type. Refer to names such as Murdock and Parsons.
Reproduction The process of having kids ­fertilisation
Primary Early socialisation done within the family learning values
cultures and norms of society
Emotional Emotional and psychological support of safety and security
Economic Supporting the young, elderly and side. Nuclear family meets
the needs
Remember ­ Functionalists believe that the family unit is
good for both society and the individual (they both have
needs that must be meet if society is to function smoothly.
Crit presents a rather rosy or optimistic view.

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New Right approach
This view gained popularity during the 1980's and 1990's,
after the election of M. Thatcher's Conservative Gov.
They view the nuclear family as ideal. Children brought up
by two parents, they argue, perform better educationally,
physically, emotionally and socially. They do not look at the
dark side of family life.…read more

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Boys and Give examples... when children are young girls see their
mothers doing house work and think that this is a woman's rle and boys see
girls learn their fathers doing labouring work and find this to be the man's role
gender roles. (norm)
2 The work Childcarewomen are responsible for child care
of Ann
Oakley Decisionsnot happy that men make all the financial and major
decision of the house e.g.…read more

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Relationships were warmer between Found little evidence in symmetry even
spouses in families where women did paid work
do more household work.…read more

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Children were seen as economic
20th century In the 20th century children were seen to be more important and
there were more laws introduced for them. Children were also
given much more importance. Such as minimum school learning
age became 16 and were allowed parttime paid employment
The role of older people in families (pages 133134)
Because older people are now living loner and they are able to help out with the new
generation.…read more

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Average cohabitation last 32 months, then tends to end in either separation or
Increase in live births outside marriage (1971 only 8% of births outside
marriage, by 1994 more than a third were).
UK has highest level of teenage pregency in Western Europe.
Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage.
There is seven times more divorce today than in the 1960's.
Divorce varies between ethnic groups ­ divorce is less common among South
Asian families than black or white families.…read more

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The decline of the Nuclear family.
Many New Right theorists argue that the nuclear family is in
decline. (pages 139142)
Loneparents Couples separate or divorce or one partner may die. Lone
parent families are usually headed by females. More
loneparents as it is now seen acceptable for single women.
Reconstitute According to data, Britain 1991 around ½ million step families
contained dependant stepchildren
Oneperson Last 25 years has been an increase of people living alone.…read more

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Most people get married and have children
2 Marriage rates remain high
3 High divorce rates indicate people having high expectations of marriage
4 Remarriage rates are high
5 The family system as a whole is tough
Medical advances and parenting.…read more



this is really good and clear thanks ***

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