AS Psychology Mock Exam

OCR AS level Psychology Mock exam focusing on ALL key studies and has Section A, B and C questions. Please rate and comment. Great for revision as PRACTICE is key for all exam success! They use the same questions EVERY YEAR but just re-word them so Get Revising(Testing)!! Rate and Comment Please. Ask for Help by commenting or messaging me!

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AS Psychology Mock Exam ­ Time limit 2 hours

Answer all questions from section A

Section A

1. From Reicher and Haslam's BBC prison study:

Describe how the sample was recruited [2]

2. Briefly describe the cost benefit theory suggested by Piliavin, Rodin and Piliavin to
explain how people behave…

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12. From Reicher & Haslam's prison study outline two reasons why the prisoners were
given uniforms to wear (4)
Section A Total

Answer all questions from Section B

Section B

13. Choose one core study below;

Piliavin, Rodin and Piliavin (1969) Good Samaritanism; an underground phenomenon?
Loftus &…


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