BPS ethical guidelines

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Ensure anonymity, Avoid invading
confidentiality and people's private
privacy for all lives Avoid deception of
Avoid explicit and participants participants
implicit coercion of
Allow participants Fully debrief all
BPS Ethical participants
the right to
withdraw at any Guidelines:
time Psychologists
Avoid stress and (ideally)... Provide sufficient
discomfort for information for potential
studies exam
participants; participants to decide if
do not inflict physical they want to take part ­ get
or emotional pain on their informed consent
Avoid intervention which may Make their raw
Preparing for the core
OCR Psychology for AS © Hodder Education 2008
have a permanent and data and analysis
Report any Never claim to
damaging effect on the available to others
colleague be more
participants ­ this includes suspected of qualified than
unpleasant self-knowledge or breaching the they are or
knowledge about people they ethical guidelines offer advice
may find upsetting ­ participants to the appropriate that they are
should leave the study in the authorities not qualified to
same state as when they arrived.


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