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Varun Pratap


Data Protection Act 1998

The purpose of the DPA is to protect individual from organisations

Main aspects of the Data Protection Act (1998)



-Used for specified purposes

-Not kept for longer than necessary

-Fairly and lawfully processed

DPA Terminology

Personal Data ­ Covers…

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Varun Pratap

The Eight Principles

Personal data should be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully
Personal data can be held only for specified and lawful purposes
Personal data should be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the required purpose
Personal data should be accurate and kept up-to-date
Personal data should…

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Varun Pratap

Computer Misuse Act 1990

The purpose of the Act is to prevent the unauthorised use of computer systems and relates to both
hardware and software

Computer Misuse Act Offences

· Unauthorised access to computer material
· Unauthorised access with intent to commit further crimes
· Unauthorised modification of…

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Varun Pratap

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

The purpose of the Act is for the organisation to lawfully intercept any misuse of communications

Organisations may monitor and record communications

Prevent or detect crimes
Prevent public disorder from occurring
To ensure national security and the safety of the general…

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Varun Pratap

Electronic Communications Act (2000)

The purpose of the ECA was to make the UK the best place in the world for e-commerce


Contracts that are signed over the Internet have the same legality as those signed by hand
Increases the security with which individuals can engage in…

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Varun Pratap

Methods for combating ICT crime and protecting ICT systems

· Physical Security (Security guards)
· Biometric Security (Fingerprints)
· Location of Equipment
· Firewalls (Prevents unauthorised computers connecting to your network)
· Backup (Making a copy of the data)
· Encryption (Coding the data)
· Software Patches /…

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Varun Pratap

Heath Risk Cause Prevention
Deep Vein Sitting in a chair that Stand up and move around
Thrombosis puts pressure on the Ensure that the posture when sitting in a chair is correct
(DVT) back of the knees

Repetitive Repetitive actions, Correct workstation, keyboard rests, foot stools,
Strain Injury…

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Varun Pratap

Fire Overheating of computers can cause Ventilation of computers ­ space on
them to catch fire. all sides.
Overloading of plug sockets can cause Do not overload plug sockets.
fire Correct number of sockets on a
Correct (CO2) fire extinguisher
Electrocution Water and electricity can cause No…


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