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Varun Pratap


Types of Modelling Software:

Object modelling (buildings, cars, aircraft, computer games)
Financial modelling (test results, business income)
Mathematical modelling (model the area of a regular polygon and vary the number of sides)


Rows, columns and cells to enter data or structure data
Ability to…

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Varun Pratap


Sequence of events that must be followed to get solution
Decisions are structured as a set of procedures must be completed

How a data model may be used for answering `What If?' questions:

Functions and formulae are set up which ultimately are based on values that are…

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Varun Pratap


Where a column and a row intersect
The square on a spreadsheet in which only a single entry can be placed
The entry can be text, numbers or a formula
It can be referred to by its address based on its row and column


A range…


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