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Varun Pratap
Types of Modelling Software:
Object modelling (buildings, cars, aircraft, computer games)
Financial modelling (test results, business income)
Mathematical modelling (model the area of a regular polygon and vary the number of sides)
Rows, columns and cells to enter data or structure data
Ability to enter text, numbers and formulae in a cell
Different sheets ­ worksheets can store different information related to the same topic
which is stored in a workbook
Graphs based on data, easier to spot trends
Functions/formulae ­ make calculations
Security - different user access to different sheets
Less risk, safer and cheaper
Only one model needs to be created
Can be backed up and shared, other people can work on the model at the same time
How different aspects are used in modelling software:
A variable contains values which can change
Single value that can be changed and has a knock on effect on functions/formulae
E.g. VAT rate, delivery charge, amount paid per hour
Formulae allow calculations to be represented in a spreadsheet
As well as numbers, a formula uses the addresses of cells to identify other values to be used.
The result is placed in the cell in which the formula was placed
If cells used in the formula are changed then the formula will recalculate in response to the
figure change
Built in to the spreadsheet
Can use a wizard to help build them and get correct parameters
They are used to represent formulae that may be too large or complex for the ordinary user
to enter

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Varun Pratap
Sequence of events that must be followed to get solution
Decisions are structured as a set of procedures must be completed
How a data model may be used for answering `What If?' questions:
Functions and formulae are set up which ultimately are based on values that are entered by
the end user
All of the cells except those that the end user needs to enter values in can be locked and
protected meaning that functions and formulae cannot be changed
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Varun Pratap
Where a column and a row intersect
The square on a spreadsheet in which only a single entry can be placed
The entry can be text, numbers or a formula
It can be referred to by its address based on its row and column
A range is a group of cells
Usually identified by the address of the top left cell to the bottom right cell
For example: A1:G5
Range can be given a name
Absolute and relative cell referencing:
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