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Varun Pratap


Hardware ­ Physical equipment that makes up a computer

Software ­ Programs that can be run on the computer

A lack of standardization is when hardware/software made from one company isn't compatible
with other hardware/software made from another. e.g. a keyboard made by MAC will…

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Varun Pratap

Output Device Advantage Disadvantage

Printer (Laser) High quality and fast printouts Most expensive printer to buy
Can print high quality
documents using Toner ink.

Printer (Ink Jet) Cheap to buy Colour printing can be
Uses cartridges that contain extremely slow

Printer (Dot matrix) Low operating costs Printing…

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Varun Pratap

CD R/RW Small and portable Fragile, can be snapped or
Data is burned onto the surface or scratched
of the disk Cheap to produce
Flash (USB) Small and portable Can easily be lost
Consist of a small printed circuit

Specialist Hardware devices for physically disabled users:


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Varun Pratap

User Interface Advantage Disadvantages
Command Based Uses very little memory (RAM) Commands have to entered
User can run commands to precisely
access programs which aren't
accessible through menu or
Forms No training required Limited options presented
Method of allowing you to
interact with an application and


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