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Chartism: An economic or
Political movement
By Sade Thomas…read more

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Is Chartism a political movement?
Many of the chartist were disillusioned once
the Whigs came into power as they still weren'
t given the universal suffrage, they had
Due to all six points on the charter being
political shows that some of the chartist were
eager to change some of the Whigs politics.
For example the point of protecting the ballot,
was made to prevent bribery within politics
and in it's politicians.…read more

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Is Chartism a political movement?
Also many chartists were against the New poor
law act as they had appalling conditions and
this showed that the government weren't in
the interest of the working-class.
Due to the poor law act, the chartist believed
that they needed a working- class MP as only
they would truly understand what the
working- class chartist need.…read more

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Is Chartism an economic
In 1839, the chartist paper " Northern star"
had reached its peak with 36 thousand copies
sold weekly . This was convenient because in
1839 bread and wheat prices were at it's
Many chartist members were from the working
Some chartists turned to Chartism when time
were bad for example: trades poor,
unemployment was high and wages fell.…read more

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Is Chartism an economic
Thousands of working people supported the
chartists because many believed that the
government weren't in the interest of the
working class so they believed that the only
way forward was to have working class MPs in
the House of Commons.
The trade depression in the mid-1830's was
really tough in the new industrial towns of the
Midlands and the North.…read more

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Is Chartism an economic
Chartism became grew in strength and
popularity when the economy was undergoing
Most people who were chartist held
occupations printer, cabinet makers and
factory workers. These were some of the jobs
that were hit most hard during the economic
depression.…read more


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