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Heath & safety part 1

Health & safety Commission (HSC)

Considers policy on behalf of the government

Health & safety Executive (HSE)

Advises the HSC on the shaping of policy and is responsible for its implementation.

Employees duties include:

  • Taking reasonable care for their own health & safety and that others who may be affected by taking actions
  • Correctly using work items provided by their employer, including personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Using anything provided for health, safety and correctly
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Health & safety part 2

Employers duties include:

  • Ensure the workplace is safe and without risks to health by assessing risks
  • Ensure plant (heavy) and machinery are safe and that safe procedures of work are set and followed
  • Ensure articles and substances are moved, stored and used safely by providing correct equipment and training
  • Provide adequate welfare facilities including first aid arrangments
  • Provide the information, instruction, training and supervision necessary for personnel health & safety
  • Make sure that work equipment is suitable for intended use, and that it is properly maintained and used
  • Ensure that approriate safety signs are provided and maintained

Control of Substances Hardous to Health (COSHH)

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Health & safety part 3

HSE guidance states 8 steps to pomply with COSHH regulations:

  • Assess the risks
  • Decide on the precautions to take
  • Prevent or adequately control exposure
  • Ensure control measures are used
  • Accurately monitor
  • carry out appropriate health checking
  • Prepare accident, incident and emergency procedures
  • Ensure all employees are properly informed, trained and supervised
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Heath & safety part 4

HSE guidance describes 5 steps to carry out a risk assessment:

  • Identify the hazards
  • Identify who might be harmed and the nature of the harm
  • Evaluate risks and decide on control measures
  • Record findings and implement actions
  • Set a fixed period for review of risk assessment and update if necessary

Hazardous substances include:

  • Adhesives, paints, cleaning materials and developing materials
  • Those that are used during work
  • Also those that are created as a result of work e.g. fumes
  • Also air borne particles e.g. dust
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Aesthetics part 1

Colour associations

  • Red - aggressive, passion, strong and heavy, danger socialism, heat
  • Blue - comfort, loyalty and sercurity, for boys, sea, sky, peace and tranquilly, cold
  • Yellow - caution, spring and brightness, joy, cowardice, sunlight
  • Green - money, health, jealousy, greed, food and nature, inexperience
  • Brown - nature, aged and eccentric, rustic, soils and earth, heaviness
  • Orange - warmth, excitment and energy, religion, fire, gaudiness
  • Pink - soft, healty, childlike and feminine, graditude, sympathy
  • Purple - royalty, sophistication and religion, creativity, wisdom
  • Black - dramatic, classy and serious, morden evil, mourning
  • Grey - business, cold and distinctive, humility, neutrality
  • White - clean, pure and simple, innocence, elegance
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Aesthetics part 2

The Golden Number

Fibonacci series

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, ...

  • 1/1 = 1
  • 2/1 = 2
  • 3/2 = 1.5
  • 5/3 = 1.6666...
  • 8/5 = 1.6
  • 13/8 = 1.625
  • 21/13 = 1.61938...
  • 34/21 = 1.61904...

1.618 033 988 ...

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Legislation part 1

Sale of goods act 1979

  • Goods must conform to the description given
  • Goods must be of a satisfactory quality
  • Goods must be fit for purpose and free from defects
  • Sellers responsibility if goods don't meet standards
  • Purchasers have the right to request their money back
  • Repair or replacement can be requested
  • If not then the customer can request partial refund

Trade description act 1968

  • False or misleading description which effects the use of goods is and offence
  • False or misleading description when goods are supplied is an offence
  • £5000 per offence in a Magistrates court, Unlimited fine in a Crown court and/or 2 years in prison
  • Traders may lose their consumer credit licence
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Legislation part 2

BSI British Standards

  • Specification
  • Methods
  • Guides
  • Vocabularies
  • Codes of practice

Standards help companies to:

  • Attract and assure customers that products are safe and fit for purpose
  • Demonstrate market leadership, creating a competitive advantage
  • Continue to develop and maintain best practice

CE refers to safety not quality, without it products can't be sold in the EU, Norway, Ice and Liechtenstein

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Legislation part 3

Intellectual Property (IP)

All kinds of intangible (not phisical), design ieas, written material, artistic and musical composition.

  • Design right
  • Registered designs
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright

Design right

Rights of the creator of design(s)

  • unregistered design rights protect the shape of a product
  • Design rights can be bought, sold or licensed
  • Only protected in the UK
  • They last ten years
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Legislation part 4

Registered designs

Appearance of the product: shape and pattern/decoration.

  • Visual features
  • Original
  • Every five years


Function aspects: how it works, how it is made and made from.

  • Allowing others to make copies, selling copies and offering copies for sale
  • 20 years
  • Must be new and inventive
  • Cannot be: scientific or mathmatical, literary or dramatic, musical or artisitc, an animal or plant
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Legislation part 5


Individual identity in the form of a word, name, song, symbol, logo, slogan, domain name, shape or sound.

  • Distinctive, not deceptive, morally acceptable
  • Renewed every 10 years
  • ® means that a trademark is registered
  • TM means that a trademark isn't registered


The right to copy an original creation whilst protecting the rights of the creator

  • Literature, manuals, computer programs, song lyrics, works of art, photographs, dance, drama and music
  • Copyright applies to any type of medium.
  • The © symbol is required in some foreign countries
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