Computer Aided Design

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  • allows for better communication regarding designs
  • used for creating designs for preparing pattern and cuttin instructions
  • can scan images of designs to adapt them
  • can create knit, print and woven fabrics which can be virtually placed on designs
  • recent technology allows for 3D creation of virtual products
  • CAD modelling enables 2D designs to be tested and modified to suit the designer or client
  • 3D ideas can be simulated on screen and presented to the client who can choose a sample they like
  • saves time and cost
  • speeds up the overally design cycle
  • frees up time
  • creates and modifies patterned motifs
  • can produce multiple views and repeat of undo changes
  • re-colour and modify existing products
  • create a range of colourways and matching colour palettes
  • sketch at any scale using lines and curves
  • can store designs
  • virtual catwalk shows


Cutting machines - CAM machines cut out fabrics following a CAD lay plan which can cut through several layers at a time at very high speed, beforehand it automatically spreads out the fabrics in layers
Sewing machine - very strong industrial machines works at high speeds, CAM machines are used to carry out specific tasks like making buttonholes…


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