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Aldehydes and Ketones
Quick Questions

1) Name me

2) Name me

3) Draw the skeletal formula of 2,6dimethyloctan4one.

4) Draw the skeletal formula of benzenal.

5) Describle the trend in solubility and boiling point of Aldehydes and Ketones.

Solubility ­

Boiling point

6) How do you prepare an Aldehyde?


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1) 3,3dimethylbutanal

2) 2,4pentandione



5) As chain length increases, solubility decreases.
The longer the molecule the higher the boiling point.

6) Primary Alcohol + Oxidising Agent Aldehyde + Water
Distil off product before further oxidation.


8) Distinguishing ­ Tollens' reagent and Potassium Dichromate
Identifying ­ 2,4Dinitrophenylhyrazine…


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