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It is a contagious bacterial infection
What Is that involves the lungs, however it
may spread to other organs.
· It is said that someone in the world is newly infected with TB every second
· The difficult issue with TB is that not everyone that is infected with TB actually
develops symptoms, and therefore TB testing is required to figure out who is
· In the developed world this disease is primarily seen in the elderly, while in
developing countries it is more commonly seen in young adults.
· One third of the world's population is currently infected with TB.
· It causes more deaths than AIDS and Malaria combined
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Causes of Tuberculosis is caused by one of the 2:
-Mycobacterium Bovis
tuberculosis.... -Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
It is estimated that up to
30% of the population
have either this bacteria or
the mycobacterium Bovis
in their body.
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Symptoms of
Persistent coughing
Loss of appetite that leads to weight loss
Chest pains
& Eventually coughing up of blood may occur
Overtime a TB infection can spread to:
·lymph nodes that are near the lungs
·bones and joints
·the digestive system
·the bladder and reproductive system
·the nervous system )
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Causes of tuberculosis...-
You can risk
get TB of
by pulmonary
inhaling water tuberculosis
droplets from may
There are some people who have more
infected person increase
who coughs when
or people:
chances to develop active tuberculosis:
The ·Come in frequent
mycobacterium contact with
tuberculosis is people who
resistant and have
can live
up to disease
several week after the water droplets have died. Top 10 countries with TB
TB can in crowded
be spread or unsanitary
from animals livingbecause the
to humans India
mycobacterium Bovis also infects animals. China
·People who have weak immunity, because of AIDS, or anti
·Suffer from malnutrition Indonesia
rejection medicines after transplants or chemotherapy Nigeria
The infection can remain inactive for years and then
manifest all from a country where TB is common
of a sudden. South Africa
Democratic Republic of the
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Causes of tuberculosis...-Cause of
Infection Known as primary TB
4. In a healthy person there are some
Once the bacterium has been inhaled by
symptoms that occur and therefore the
someone who is not immune to it, this is
infection can be controlled within a few
what happens:
weeks. However some bacteria will still
1. The bacteria grows and divides in the upper
5. Years later, these bacteria will re-emerge
thorax where there is a lot of oxygen
and cause a second infection of TB. This is
2. The body's immune system responds and
the white blood cells go to the site of
6. This second infection also occurs in the
bacteria to ingest it.
upper thorax but is not controlled as easily as
the first time. The bacteria destroy the tissue
3. This leads to the enlargement of the lymph
of the lungs that result in cavities and scar
nodes. This is called PRIMARY infection
and usually occurs in children
7. The sufferer coughs up the damaged tissue
along with blood and is a symptom. Without
treatment TB will spread and can be fatal
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