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Cult…read more

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This is the person from a previous
generation of a family who you are
related to.
It sees worship, homage or reverence
shown to the person from a previous
The belief in these sprits shows a sense
of continuity between the generations.…read more

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Example: The Romans are an example who
kept in "contact" with these. This is
because they would represent them in
the form of busts (statues) which would
have always been on display in a public
area (e.g. In the main hall) or brought
out at special events like weddings and
funerals.…read more

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The Barberini Statue…read more

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This is the belief that all living things
share the world be it physical or
spiritual with spirits.
It is believed that all people, animals,
plants, mountains, springs and forests all
have their own spirits.
People who believe in this see themselves
as part of nature not superior to it.…read more

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