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Brain perceives a possible threat, signals are sent to the hypothalamus, signals
SAM Pathway are then sent to the sympathetic nervous system. These impulses are transmitted
(Acute stress) to adrenal medullae which release adrenaline and nor adrenaline into
Brain perceives a possible threat, signals are sent to the hypothalamus,…

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Studied human responses to stress, it was a naturally occurring study ­
examinations. Volunteers.
Kiecolt Glaser Blood samples taken from 75 1st year medical students (49 Males & 29 Females)
samples were taken one month before their final exam and again after the
students had completed their exams (stress…

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Study was to investigate whether the scores on the (SRRS) Social
Readjustment Rating Scale were correlated with the onset of illness.
2,500 American male sailors were given scale about life events
experiences in the last 6 months.
Records were kept of their health status, and life change unites were…

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There was no relationship between Life events & Health

Sample age is biased and also. Khan ­ Found that older people tended to
have less severe, and fewer hassles than younger people.
DeLongis Cultural biased
Small sample
Questionnaire: Social desirable answers, might lie, no clarification of
ambiguous questions.


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Study was to investigate if repetitiveness, machine paced work, and high
levels of responsibility ­ increase stress and stress related illnesses.
High Risk Group ­ 14 Finishers, Swedish saw mill, and their job was to finish
of wood. Job was repetitive, isolated, and machine paced. High
Johansoon et…

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This is where a person Publicly conforms to a groups' behaviour but Privately
Compliance maintaining their own views, this is the weakest form of conformity.

This keyword is: regarded as the change in behaviour due to real or imagined group
Conformity pressure(s).

Is the process by which an individual's attitudes,…

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This is based on the desire to be Right; a person may look to others who they
Informational Social Influence believe are Correct and thus give the information about how to behave, particularly
in novel situations or ambiguous ones. Further, in emergence they may yield to
informational influence as they're…

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ASCH Andocentric
(CONFORMITY STUDY) Cannot generalise, lab experiment, low in ecological validity. However, high control
can establish cause and effect.
College students, also narrows down generalisability.
Cultural biased. USA.

Asch found that levels of conformity dropped dramatically when just one
Variations of Asch's Study other p's dissented from the…

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65% of Milgram's P's administered the maximum shock (450V)
Meaning that 35% Did not go that far, however still participated
Milgram's German female p's withdrawal
(OBEDIENCE STUDY) P's found experience very distressing once questioned after experiment

Many ethical issues: Deception, protection from harm, and right to withdraw


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