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Government and
Politics revision on
Electoral systems
By Neema Tehrani 12AXS…read more

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What is an Electoral
O It is a set of rules by which votes and
translated into seats which are then
translated into a legislature.
O Or it is a process by which a individual is
elected to serve a specific post…read more

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Purpose of elections
O They serve to legitimise the government that
has been formed because the party has been
elected by people making votes
O It serves to act as Political recruitment.
Elections give citizens the opportunity to vote for
a government who will govern the people
O Finally elections provide a means by which
citizens can hold individual representatives and
government of the day accountable for their
actions…read more

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Types of electoral
O Majoritarian- FPTP, AV and SV. The winner
need to secure a majority
O Proportional- STV. It is an attempt to
distribute seats in proportion to the votes
O Hybrid- AMS. This is a mix of majoritarian
and proportional. Consider Lord Jenkins on
AV+…read more

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Electoral reform
O When Labour won their land slide victory in
1997 one of their manifesto promises was to
have a new electoral system
O As a result Labour established an
independent Commission on Electoral
Reform under Lord Jenkins…read more

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Lord Jenkins report
O The results of his report was a desire to
propose a new system that was moderate for
Labour to adopt.
O Recognition for a more hybrid system like
AV+ which would, if implemented, result in
more proportional outcomes…read more

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