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Electoral Systems
Electoral Systems
Revision Notes…read more

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Electoral Systems
The importance of elections
In order for a country to claim to be a democracy, it is crucial that it
holds free, fair elections in which there is a meaningful choice of
In 1994, South Africa held its first free election, in which millions of
previously disenfranchised people were given the right to vote.
Now, free, democratic elections are the norm on the African continent.
Only governments which have been freely and fairly elected can claim
to be legitimate.…read more

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Electoral Systems
Types of election in Britain
UK General Elections
Devolved Power
Local Council Elections
European Elections Referenda Other Elections*
* Including trade union official elections, strike action ballots etc.…read more

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Electoral Systems
By-elections are held when a vacancy becomes apparent in
the House of Commons and so a new Member of
Parliament has to be elected.
These work exactly the same as General Elections but are
only held in the constituency the vacancy is in.…read more

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Electoral Systems
Types of electoral systems
There are different types of electoral system based on the
way they are counted and how seats are distributed.
The main two are:
1.Plurality or Majoritarian systems
2.Proportional systems…read more

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Electoral Systems
Plurality or Majoritarian Systems
These systems are based on the idea of one elected
representative per constituency. They are not designed to
provide a proportional result but to provide a clear winner.
Supporters of these systems put the need for a government
with a clear majority in the legislature over the need for a
proportional result.…read more

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